Poor guy, everyone has had a first day at a new job and if you’re some asshole that writes in to complain about an incident like this because you’re so offended by the words FUCK and SHIT, you really need to hear them more because you’re a fucking asshole and a shit human.
Its almost always old people that complain about this stuff, if you have time to write letters and make complaints that people should lose their job, GO DIE. I hope your obituary reads:
“Thank FUCK this old SHIT finally died, they weren’t doing FUCKIN SHIT with their lives except trying to get people fired.”

how fucking fake is “politics” if someone cant send text messages saying “LUCY is very available and keen! Could turn you from your wayward ways”
FUCK OFF that is so polite and friendly…
Maybe Lucy is a very sexual woman and is very good at turning men on, which I don’t see how that is an insult? He merely complimented her.
What kind of fucked up society do we live in where sending that via text to someone is a big deal.
”Funny how we say that a person is a c..t when many guys like c..ts.” how is anyone offended by this?! what the fuck does that say about you if that offends you, don’t you have bigger problems to worry about than if some dude texts another dude referring to a woman as a cunt, what kind of life do you live where the combination of 4 letters in a particular order offends or upsets you.
”They look like mussell (sic) removed from its shell. Look at a bottle of mussel meat. Salty C..ts in brine.” Oh that must really fuck your life up to hear that…oh the pain it must cause someone to have vaginas in general, not even their own, referred to like that.

Hundreds of people got buttfucked into HIV positivity today in Africa but THIS is more important to us, but they don’t matter because in the lottery of child birth we beat them.

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